DIY Rolling Jack Stands

I made a set of DIY Rolling Jackstands many years ago and still use them to this day. Check out how I made them so you can make some too.

I work in my garage by myself pretty often. This is a problem when I have to move large axles and parts that weigh hundreds of pounds. Sometimes to get work done by myself, I have to get creative.

Here is the recipe:

A pair of jackstands

A set of automotive wheel dollies

DIY Rolling Jackstands


Ol' Blue 5.3 LS Swap

Rolling Jackstands in use

The recipe is pretty simple, take the jackstands and grind the paint off of the bottom of the legs. After assembling the dollies put the jackstands on them so you can mark where the legs will hit. Then grind the paint off in those areas too. Finally, weld the two together with your mig welder on all 4 corners of each jackstand.

Ol' Blue 5.3 LS Swap


So for about $100 you can make yourself a kick butt set of rolling jackstands that will last so long you can pass them on to your kids.

Here is a pic of the ones I have been using for many years, they have served me well and saved my back many times.
DIY Rolling Jackstands

When working with large parts like axles made of steel you can put a small weld between the axle and the jack stand to increase stability while moving the part around, then cut the weld to remove the stand once the part is in position. If working with something that can’t be welded to the jack stand, you could use ratchet straps instead.

Always be careful while moving objects and never get in a position where you are under the load. Any time you are working under a vehicle or heavy object it is always suggested that you use a secondary safety such as stationary jackstands or another jack.

CAUTION: Both jackstand and dollies are rated to hold 6,000lbs which is plenty for projects around the shop. I have been using them for years without any problems and they also seem very stable, BUT these are not necessarily designed to be used together. Therefore I can offer no guarantee or safety rating, use at these your own risk.