Doing MORE with less! 2

Some of you may be thinking “What does “doing MORE with less” have to do with fabrication?”

Well, since you asked. I believe that doing MORE with less has EVERYTHING to do with fabrication!

Having been to many less wealthy countries than the US, I have come to realize that we are very spoiled here in the US. It seems that we have all taken to the belief that to pull a 4’x8′ trailer you need a 3/4 ton diesel truck with 900ft/lbs of torque. I beg to differ.

Exhibit 1: Dominican Republic – Workin’ with what ya’ got
(kids, don’t try this at home…)

Exhibit 2: Costa Rica – Goin’ old school
(just kidding, we did get to ride in it though!)

Exhibit 3: Ireland – They seem to get everything they need from vans, or cars with small trailers


Well, the whole experience inspired me. In all of the countries I have visited thus far, it is not uncommon at all to have a receiver hitch installed on a car. So that got me thinking.

I have been driving a 1/2 ton 11MPG Dodge Ram for the last 7 years. After returning from these adventures abroad with a more open mind, I took a long hard look at myself and my possessions. This truck was loud, large, inefficient, and hard to park. It actually got to the point where every time I drove it, I felt bad for my pocket book, and the environment.

This may or may not be the offender:

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great truck with minimal maintenance and repairs for the 7 Years that I had it. When I first got it in 2006 gas was ~$2.32/gal which was OK, not necessarily breaking the bank. It became a problem after a while though, because gas has pretty much been over the $3/gal rate for the last 3 years and is currently ~$3.68/gal. Just ballparking @$3/gal and 12K miles/year it comes out to $3,600/year in gas only!!

I struggled with this decision long and hard, but ended up making the choice to get rid of the pickup and get the wife a new car, so I could drive her Honda Accord. This was a hard choice especially since I had just come out of a position where I was mechanic-ing for a portion of my job and still fabricating as a hobby. This change forced upon me the necessity for me to “Do MORE with less”.

Finally- on to the fabrication!
Since I Have had the Honda, I have had to get the same amount of work done with less. This has required me to be a little more inventive than just throwing stuff in the bed of the 6,000lb beast that I was taking everywhere I went.

The first thing I built for the Honda was a 2″ receiver hitch:
Receiver Hitch Build Page

The second thing I built was a bike rack:
Receiver Bike Rack
(Bike rack build post coming soon)

Third thing I did was bring home the start to my trophy “THE OOBER SMOKER”

The whole point of this rant is that I drove a truck for 7 years and thought I couldn’t live without it. Now I don’t have my truck anymore and through a little ingenuity I can accomplish all of the same tasks while getting ~27mpg instead of ~11mpg!! It just makes sense!

Have you thought about how fabrication, thought, and some ingenuity can help YOU be more efficient lately?

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