LS Swap Payoff – KS Rocks Offroad Trip

 Finally the payoff for all the work I have put into Ol’ Blue over the last couple of years. We took a day trip to Kansas Rocks and had a blast! Check out the gallery for 50+ cool offroad pics.

Kansas rocks is a private offroad park just North West of Ft. Scott Kansas. The park has been open since 2003 with 240 acres and approximately 45 trails and obstacles according to their website.

Russ (in the black tube buggy), Steve (in the Bronco),  and I loaded up and headed out for a day trip. It was the maiden voyage for both Ol’ Blue and the tube buggy.

I have been driving Ol’ Blue for some time now and have most of the bugs worked out. Everything worked very well on it. My favorite part being the fresh LS Swap. The motor starts every time and purrs like a kitten no matter how off camber the trail is. The suspension and bumpers worked great, and I even got to try out my new winch and winch bumper.

We had some issues on the tube buggy with a burnt spark plug wire and bad thermostat which were all fixable on the trail up until Russ broke his rear transfer case output shaft on a hard bounce. This is how you work out the bugs though, so we’ll get it fixed and back on the trail soon! (maybe not so much go pedal next time Russ!)

Steve’s Bronco just worked… With nothing but a 3″ body lift and some oversized all terrains, that thing followed us just about everywhere the bigger rigs went. Way to go Steve, you made us look bad. 😛

 Ok, I know you are all here for the pictures. I will shut up now…

Pictures (in no particular order)


In the end, it was a great trip with beautiful weather. I can’t wait until I get a chance to take Ol’ Blue out playing again. It makes all of that hard work building and fabricating on this truck worth it. I would like to get some skid plates and rock sliders on it though.