Ol’ Blue ’71 Chevy – Cheapo LED Rock Lights from Wal-Mart??

I’m always looking for cheap solutions. Those of you who know me aren’t surprised to hear me say that. I wanted some cheap lights that didn’t draw a lot of power, which means I need to find some LED lights. I had been keeping my eye out on all of my common websites, and a little on E-Bay, but hadn’t found anything that fit the bill. I finally stumbled upon my solution of all places at Wal-Mart while wandering through the oil section.

LED Rock Light

Wally World lights:

LED Rock Light

First impression is that they don’t look all that bad. So I opened them up and decided to try them out real quick. How bad could they be for ~$23 a pair with wiring and switch?

LED Rock Light

LED Rock LightNot too bad, they seem to light up my messy garage pretty well. Keep in mind I’m not doing any professional racing or solo exploring where my life depends on these lights, I just want a little bit of light under the rear of my truck for hooking up trailers, tow straps, locating obstacles, etc.

Next step is to put them under the truck. Since I just got done with my new rear bumper build, I was excited to install these.

First impression is that they do exactly what I needed them to:

LED Rock Light


Of course with each new part that is installed, they have to be thoroughly tested. So we had to go find some terrain to test them out.



Spot check:

LED Rock Light

Great success, it isn’t completely covered and will still be somewhat useful offroad without cleaning every 5 minutes. Now having successfully tested them offroad, I think I will look for some rubber to put between the bumper bar and the bed crossmember in the above picture to keep the lights even cleaner.

It is still to be determined if the Cheapo LED fog lights will work more than a season. Low power usage to me is one of the biggest advantages of LED lights. I now have a source of light even with the truck off for as long as I need, no worrying about them draining the battery then my truck not starting. Come to think of it, these would make awesome underhood/engine bay lights too…

UPDATE: In hindsight, I think I actually could have found some better lights for the money. I bought the below lights from Amazon, and they ended up being a lot better quality and brighter for only ~$10 more.