Free Music Boombox for your Home Fabrication Shop

How to make your own Home Metal Fabrication Shop Boombox for Free!!




I have been doing this for a while but it occurred to me the other day that it might not be common knowledge, so I thought I would share. Old phones are essentially small computers anymore. You can make a free boombox at home out of any old phone that can run apps and has WIFI. I prefer to do it this way instead of using my primary phone because I use my primary phone for pictures and to talk on (duh!).

I took a quick count around my house and I have 3 phones currently set up as “music phones” two in the living room on our boombox that we keep in an Armoire and one in the garage/basement. Pandora will allow you to run two devices at once, so I usually don’t get kicked off even though the wife is listening to one in the house and I am listening to another one in the garage.

Parts needed:
1. Old cell phone with WIFI
2. Pandora app (or your preferred music program)
3. An old set of computer speakers
4. An extra phone charger

Step 1. Set up old computer speakers in your shop.

Step 2. Boot up your old out of service cell phone and put it on airplane mode then turn WIFI on.

Home Fabrication Shop Boombox

Step 3. Download your favorite music program (I prefer Pandora)

Step 4. Grab an extra phone charger so your “music phone” is always charged.

Step 5. Listen to some garage jams!!!!!!!

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