HammerSpace KC – Shop Tour 2

Don’t have a shop, space, or tools of your own? No problem! Just check out HammerSpace KC! DIY Metal Fabrication got the privilege of an all access tour to get you the scoop. Click for more info and lots of pics!

Upon arriving I was greeted by a guy named Dave who invited me to get in the group with the 3 others that had come to see the shop during open house that night. We got a very engaging and informative tour from the proprietor himself, Dave Dalton. This guy is EXCITED about building stuff. The more unique it is, the more he likes it. I think they are doing something really great by creating a space to work on projects without having to have all of your own tools or a pickup truck.

HammerSpace KC Shop Tour

Dave showing off one of the members projects.

There is a big move towards community workshops, hackerspace, or whatever else you want to call it. Also, there are some big advantages to these community workspaces like:

1. You get to work with other people that can encourage and help you with your projects.

2. The startup cost is almost nothing, all you pay is the monthly membership and you instantly have access to a fully equipped shop full of thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment.

3. There is an endless source of ideas when working with and around other creative people.

HammerSpace KC Shop Tour

One of many 3D printers that was operating while I was there.

So what can you do at Hammer Space KC?

Lazer Cutting, CNC Plasma, MIG – TIG – Stick Welding, 3d printing (I saw at least 7+ 3D printers on site), Band Saws, Coal Forge, Vices, Bench Grinders, Plotter, Largest privately available CNC router in KC for wood and thin metals, Silver Smithing, Model Making, Wood Planer, Drill Press, though I am sure I am forgetting some.

Hammer Space KC also has a fully stocked store on site so you don’t have to go out and find your own material OR have a truck to haul them with. For example if you want to build something from a sheet of plywood but have no way to drag it to the shop, you can simply buy it from them on site! A setup like this is PERFECT if you live in an apartment and/or drive a car but need a place to work on projects.

Don’t know how to weld, make vector files, or run any of these tools? No biggie, they have classes available to the public for a very reasonable fee. The classes range from art to welding to repairing 3D printers and more.

HammerSpace KC Shop Tour

Fully stocked HammerSpace supply store on site.

In addition to the store for materials and supplies, they also have a small cafe for you to buy snacks, pizza, and soda on site, so you never have to stop working on your project to get some grub.

Check out the gallery below for more pictures. Also, be sure to check out the HammerSpace KC website for more info and to see when you can come by and take a tour at: www.hammerspacehobby.com




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