How to Shorten Bolts in a Pinch and Skip a Trip to the Hardware Store

Don’t go to the hardware store yet! You might be able to do this yourself. I am always working in the shop after hours and the hardware stores are closed anyways. I have found quite a few workarounds over the years and decided to start sharing some of them. Here is how to shorten bolts and still have clean usable threads when you are done.

This is how I did it, I’m sure there are many opinions on how this ‘should’ be done. Post your thoughts in the comments because I’m always up for learning!

Hope you enjoy!


Ryobi Sawzall (cheap and it just works):

Ryobi Grinder (this link is to a brushless unit which mine is not, I would recommend spending the extra bucks on brushless):

Bench Grinder Belt Sander Attachment:

My new favorite active noise canceling earbuds (awesome and cheap):


THE BEST source for quality German tools:

THE BEST pliers in the world sold by KC Tool:


Hustler Mower Throwing Drive Belts?

How to Repair Broken Expanded Steel Trailer Tailgate:

Pole barn insulation part 1:

Pole barn insulation part 2:



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