How to Change MIG Welder Wire Spool 1

New to welding? Here is how you replace and load a new spool of wire in your MIG welder with some tips along the way.



Hobart Creator auto darkening welding helmet:
Revco Orange welding jacket with pen pocket:
Baseus Active Noise Cancelling earbuds (awesome!):

If you are looking for new contact tips for your welder, be aware there are many different kinds! Some fit multiple machines, but many don’t.

For example I have a Hobart 185 which is made by Miller but doesn’t use the Miller tips, only Hobart specific tips.

To make it even more confusing, I have replaced the gun assembly with an aftermarket unit that takes TWECO parts.
Here is the replacement gun I used on my Hobart when mine wore out (it works great and takes the more common TWECO style consumables):

USB-C rubber port plugs to protect your phone:

THE BEST source for German tools:
THE BEST pliers in the world sold by KC Tool:

Hustler Mower Throwing Drive Belts?
Pole barn insulation part 1:
Pole barn insulation part 2:


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  • zakaria

    Your guide on ‘How to Change MIG Welder Wire Spool’ is incredibly insightful and well-detailed. It’s refreshing to see such step-by-step instructions that make the process accessible for both beginners and experienced welders. The clarity in your explanations, coupled with the visuals provided, truly enhances the learning experience. I appreciate the emphasis on safety precautions and the efficiency tips shared. As someone passionate about welding, it’s articles like these that contribute significantly to the community’s knowledge base. Kudos on a job well done