New Automatic Shop Air Filtration Unit With Built In Air Quality Monitor – Unboxing And Testing!

Today we unbox and test the Abestorm DecDust 1,100CFM shop air filtration system in my 30×48′ pole barn shop!

I do a little bit of everything in this shop from woodworking to welding, painting, 3d printing, and more. Sometimes it gets pretty smoky and smelly in the shop. In the winter it sucks to open the window when it is 20 degrees outside, so hopefully this helps clear the air some while I am working without wasting a bunch of heat or AC!

Why is this unit different? This unit is one of the few that I found that actually has an air quality monitor built in. This unit samples the air and will turn on automatically when the particulate matter in the air hits the threshold you set and shuts itself off when done. It can also be set to run all the time or shut off on a timer.

This unit is not the end-all-be-all filtration solution. It is the best I could do on a budget for my hobby shop and what I use it for. I always wear a respirator with a P100 filters while welding, painting, or woodworking and a fan blowing across my work area for additional protection. There are obviously more expensive welding HEPA filters starting at $1,500 for the very smallest unit and going up from there into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Below are some links to tools and parts shown in the video. Most are affiliate links, if you end up buying I will earn a small commission. Thanks for your support!

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DecDust 3 speed remote controlled air filter:

5 Micron replacement outer filters:

1 Micron replacement inner bag filter:

Respirator with P100 filters (I always wear this in addition to the shop air filter while welding, woodworking, or painting):

My ISO Tunes headphones (also act as ear plugs!) that I am always wearing in the shop:

YT vid: My best tips and tricks for awesome (smart) shop lighting!

This is how I did it, I would love to hear your feedback on what has worked for you in your shop.
Hope you get some ideas!

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