Ultra-Gauge OBDII Scan Tool & Gauge Review

I got a new toy the other day in preparation for the Chevy 5.3 LS engine swap into my ’71 Chevy Ol’ Blue. Got it in the mail today just 5 days after paying for it.

My first impressions are that it is well packaged and seems to be pretty high quality.


It is a little bit smaller than I was anticipating, but I’m not mad about it at all. It is actually a nice compact size for it’s purpose. I bought the windshield mount so I could use it in multiple vehicles.


Speaking of the purpose of the UltraGauge, I didn’t buy this for it’s intended purpose. What I really wanted was a RacePak digital gauge, but they are ~$1,000 and I bought the ultra gauge including shipping and windshield mount for less than $100. I will be using it for my primary gauges in Ol’ Blue once I get the new engine in.

Even though Ol’ Blue isn’t ready for it yet (new engine should be in next week sometime) I still had to try it out. Immediately after unpacking, I went out and plugged it into the Honda Hauler.


After booting up, it asked me a couple of easy questions, then I was ready to go!

There are three buttons on the back of the gauge that are easy to navigate around with.

Here is a slideshow of some of the different screens and menus.


Some pictures of it mounted for size reference:




Overall, I am pretty impressed. It is a nice product at a CHEAP price point. With the big block that I just took out, I was looking at $60 and up PER GAUGE and this thing was less than $100 but it reads ALL gauges plus some. So if you have a year ~2000 and up computer controlled engine with an OBDII port, check out the Ultra-Gauge.

(I have no affiliation with Ultra-Gauge, but I do know good products when I see them and this is one of them)


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