DIY Homemade Candle Wax Dipper

Did you know there is a way to put out candles with no smoke or wax splash? Me neither until I learned about wax dippers. I was the guy that always threw the lid on the candle and watched it smoke until it flamed out. Turns out there is a better way with no smoke!

This is a fun little project I made for mother’s day this year. I had made my wife a candle wax dipper on a whim a couple of years ago out of bailing wire and we have used it at least weekly ever since.

Since that was so successful, we decided to make some for the grandmas this year. Here are some pics and a fun video. This is a quick and easy project that anybody with some bailing wire and pliers and/or a vice can do. You can make it as fancy or simple as you want.

Why a wax dipper?

The wax dipper is different than a snuffer or just throwing the lid on. By dipping the wick down into the wax it first of all puts out the flame and secondly it recoats the wick with wax so it is ready to go next time you light it.

How do I make one myself?

These are amazingly easy to make yourself and could be made from pretty much anything that is metal. Read more to see how to make one from common bailing wire.

DIY Candle Wax Dipper

My very first version was just a single wire with a hook on one end and a looped portion on the other end for grabbing on to. The subsequent versions I twisted all the way down then made a loop and twisted it all the way back. The twisted wax dippers are significantly sturdier and could be made much longer. The longer handle is great for candles in deep vases or that are otherwise hard to get to.

DIY Candle Wax Dipper
Wax dippers can be made in all shapes and sizes.

All you need are a pair of pliers and a roll of wire to get started. Below is a small roll of stainless wire on Amazon just like what I used on mine. This roll could easily make 10-15 dippers depending on how long you made them.

Quick 3-minute video

Here is a video of how to make a twisted wax dipper from start to finish with a video of it in use. Notice the candle vase is deep and that there is no smoke.

Start to finish making a wax dipper from scratch.

There you have it. This was a short one. I know there was nothing hardcore with welding and grinding, but it was nice to do a quick and easy project to give out as gifts. When you have already invested in the tools, the rest is just time and doing what you enjoy.

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Don’t have time to make one yourself or need design ideas? Don’t worry, Amazon has you covered:

Now YOU, go outside and work on something… anything… seriously just get off the couch… it doesn’t matter what it is.

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