DIY – How to Install LED Garage Lighting Part 2 1

So this is part 2 of my garage lighting experience. I of course decided that the 4 new lights weren’t enough, so it was time to install two more. Read more to check out the completed project.

Wifey says she is going to get retina damage 😛 , but I am a firm believer that you can’t have too much light in a garage.

So in my first article DIY – How to Install LED Garage Lighting Part 1 I showed my disappointment in the broken fluorescent lights and dim bulbs in my garage. So I installed a 4 pack of 36 watt LED shop light garage lamps with 3,600 lumens. They were AWESOME, but I still wanted more.

Here is what it looked like after completing the installation of the first four lights:

DIY - How to Install LED Garage Lighting

After first four lights. Better, but could use more light!

There was still a dim area over my workbench and I really didn’t like the yellow looking bulbs. So I got back on Amazon and ordered some 100W LED bulbs and another package of 4 LED shop lights. I made sure they were both 5000k lights before ordering so they are all the same color.


I also bought another toy to help with installing the lights. I have ALWAYS wanted a laser level but couldn’t quite justify the purchase. Found this one on Amazon and it was really cheap at less than $20. Turns out it was really handy for making sure I had the lights straight in a line. I again used the self tapping sheetrock anchors (these things are AWESOME, no pre-drilling required) to hang the lights.


Laser level with horizontal and vertical lines

This switch on the side locks and unlocks the auto-leveling function.

I had a magnetic bracket that I attached to it using a 1/4×20 bolt and nut.

Showing the line up on the ceiling which points out how out of line the bike hooks are 😉

One Light hung and the 100 watt LED bulbs installed.

The laser level did a great job keeping all of my sheetrock anchors in line.

Both lights installed!

Finished product!

Hope this article was helpful. You can do all of the lighting shown here including the sheetrock anchors, laser level, 100w bulbs, and 4ft LED shop lights for around $150. That really isn’t a huge investment and I still have 2 4ft LED’s leftover. If you only wanted to do 4 lights, you could do it for less than $100 bucks.

Quality light makes jobs in the garage easier and safer. Nobody wants to work in a dark and dingy shop. Now YOU, go out and build something!


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