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Everybody loves tools right? Well, maybe you don’t but I bet there is a father in your life that does! Check out my list for the top 10 tool gifts for Father’s Day 2018! (Reminder, it is June 17th!)

So some of these might be biased, because I am a father and these are either tools/stuff that I already have or would really like to have. My only hope here is that you get some ideas for the father in your life.

Garage Lights –

I know, I know I keep talking about garage lighting, but I can’t reiterate enough that they are actually an important part of productivity and safety.
I just did a long 2 part article on garage lighting: Part 1 and Part 2

Wire Strippers –

The man in your life likely has to work with wiring sooner or later. Whether it is fixing a lamp or wiring up your new widget, dull or otherwise sucky wire strippers are no fun. Get him a good set that will last a long time.

Automatic Center Punch –

Drilling holes in metal pretty much requires center punching first. This ensures that when the father in your life drills holes in your newest project they are centered and right the first time.

Magnetic Claw Flashlight Pickup Tool –

Though he will never admit it, the father in your life WILL eventually drop the oil plug or some other kind of fastener down into some unreachable place while working on your car. Set him up for success by getting him this magnetic/claw/flashlight pick up tool so he can look like a pro.


Drill Powered Metal Nibbler –

Want a cool sign for your room? Get your dad this so he can cut your name out of some cool looking reclaimed metal and hang it on the wall above your bed! I don’t actually have one of these but would be excited to have one. (ahem, family… are you reading this?)

Power Drill Batteries –

I ALMOST threw away my Ryobi 18v drill because both of it’s batteries were totally dead (wouldn’t charge anymore). Ryobi replacements were EXPENSIVE. As a last ditch effort I got on Amazon and ordered a knockoff drill battery, and so far it has been GREAT! I bet the man in your life likely has some dead battery powered tools laying around, likely the tool isn’t dead but just the batteries. Buy him a knockoff battery from Amazon and watch him be pleasantly surprised at how well it works! (Also the one I bought was 5,000MAH which is over 3x the capacity of the original batteries!)

Bluetooth Hands Free Car Stereo Adapter –

OK, so this isn’t actually a tool but I just looked it up in my previous orders and I have been using this DAILY since April of 2016! Therefore I bet it is a pretty good present. It comes with a multi-port charger, bluetooth audio, hands free calls and more. Hold the next button for 2 seconds to bring up the Google assistant.

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet –

If the man in your life does any welding at all and doesn’t have an auto darkening helmet, he needs one. It is hugely beneficial to be able to see what you are trying to weld prior to actually lighting up an arc. These are cheap nowadays, just get him one so he can stop welding like a caveman.

Polarized Safety Glasses –

These are a great present for just about anyone. These are tinted polarized safety glasses that he can wear while working outside. These are great for building treehouses, sawing logs, weedeating, Mowing, or whatever else he happens to be doing outside. You can rest easy because they are z87+ rated and can withstand impacts while also helping him look super cool 😉 .

Zoom Spout Oil –

Here is a present you can get him that can also convey the fact that you are tired of your squeaky cabinets, doors, and pretty much anything else that has a hinge. I bought one of these for myself and use it ALL THE TIME on just about anything you can think of that could produce a squeak. The extendable tube makes it really easy to apply.

So there you have it! Some exciting and some not so exciting tools for the father in your life on Father’s Day 2018. Hopefully this at least gives you some gift ideas and a reminder so you don’t forget to acknowledge him.


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One thought on “Top 10 Father’s Day Tool/Garage Gifts 2018

  • Adrian Crisostomo

    Great ideas! I’m looking for suggestions for my dad. My dad is an engineer and he was always handy. He would teach me stuff back when I was a kid. Tools really have something special in our relationship. Thanks for these gifts! Would love to give him 2 or 3 of these.