Does PVC trim hold up in a Pole Barn Workshop? Full review and Step by step install around windows

I did a lot of research before I put up the trim in my shop. I ended up choosing PVC trim for quite a few different reasons. Check out the video to see why!

I hope this video helped you out!

If you do decide to go the route I did, below are links to tools and parts shown in the video to help you do it. Most of these are affiliate links so if you end up buying I will earn a small commission. Thanks for your support!

Ryobi 16 gauge 18V Finish Nailer:

SPAX Powerlags (No more breaking off the heads of lag screws!!):

Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone:

Here is one of the references used for fire resistance on PVC trim. I know this isn’t necessarily a super trusted resource, but I found consistent verbiage across many different sources.…

I am a bit paranoid about fire safety because I like my shop and have seen some sad examples online of other people’s shops that have burned down. I have also seen many shops with plywood walls that have been that way with active welding inside for decades, I don’t really want to roll the dice like that though. After much research and examples like the link above, I decided that (fire rated sheetrock walls and) PVC trim was my best choice. There are also other benefits to PVC trim such as weather, bug, and rot resistance.

This is the way I did it, I would love to hear your feedback on what has worked for you in your shop. Hope you get some ideas!

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