How I Ran Electrical Service to my Shop from the House

Check this out for an in depth video tour of how I ran 100 amp service from the breaker panel in my house to my shop. We go across the basement, up the walls, through the attic and over the mountains (erm…breezeway) to get there! Also, bonus links to the parts used.

I have a ridiculous amount of time in planning the electrical in my shop and so far it has worked out great. Be sure to check out the video for the full tour of how I ran 100 amp service lines over to my shop from the opposite side of the house.

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Parts used:

2224 SER Aluminum Wire:

Eaton 125 Amp sub panel (the smaller one in the basement):

Eaton 100amp BR service panel (bigger one in the shop):

2″ LB Type Conduit Body (this is the right angle fitting used to turn and go up the wall, super handy):

2″ Electrical Conduit Schedule 40 Pipe: Just buy this one at the hardware store in 10′ sections…

This is the way I did it, I would love to hear your feedback on what has worked for you in your shop. Hope you get some ideas!

Now YOU, go outside and work on something!

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