How I ran Hot and Cold Water to my Shop from the House

In this video, I do a walk through from end to end of how I ran hot and cold water from my house through the basement wall, through the yard, and into my shop. All has been inspected and approved to my local code.

Why did I run hot AND cold from the house?

  • 1. I wanted two lines run in case one has an issue (failure, break, etc.). The shop would still be able to run off the other line.
  • 2. I wanted hot water in the shop but didn’t want a huge water heater taking up space and electricity, so I believe this is the best of both worlds. I have a small 6 gallon water heater close to the sink so I have hot water to wash my hands (without waiting forever for hot water). That smaller water heater is fed by the propane 50 gallon water heater in my house. That way if I decide to power wash my RV or something I can have continuous hot water.

Link to the listing of all my shop build updates before I started making videos. There are some really good explanations and pictures:×48-pole-barn-shop-build/

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Parts used:

3/4″ PEX to Garden Hose Fitting:

Garden Hose Blockoff with Gasket:

Hot and Cold Wall Faucet (like the coolest thing ever):

2″ Drain Waterless Trap Seal (for if you have a floor drain that doesn’t see a lot of water, no smell comes up from the sewer):

Studor Mini Vent:

Mini Vent Recessed Box and Cover:

Industrial Bathroom Light:

Industrial looking light bulbs:

Bronze Textured Bathroom Mirror:

This is the way I did it, I would love to hear your feedback on what has worked for you in your shop. Hope you get some ideas!

Now YOU, go outside and work on something!

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