Hustler Mower Throwing Drive Belts? PERMANENT fix shown here

This Hustler Raptor SD 54″ kept throwing drive belts. In this vid we dive into what happened, why it is happening, and the solution I came up with to both fix the problem and permanently keep it from happening again. Plus I cover some cool tools and tips in the process.

Here are some links to save you time:

I didn’t use these, but would be a good option if you can’t weld to repair the bracket like I did. It looks like there are some aftermarket brackets available that are thicker than the factory ones (make sure you find the right one for YOUR mower):

If you do decide to go the route I did, here are links to tools and parts to do it:

Norton 4.5″ grinder flap disk:

Carbide burr bit set:

Grizzly radial arm drill press: 5″

Cross slide drill press vice:

Quick clamps (for squeezing/spreading):

Inkzall (the BEST shop markers I have ever used):

5/16-18 x 3″ Grade 8 bolts (10 pack):

5/16-18 coarse thread nut/washer assortment:

Raptor SD Hydraulic Transaxle filters (qty 2):

20w-50 Full Synthetic Hydro-Static Transmission Oil:

Hydro-Gear Transaxle Air-Purge Process:

This is the way I did it, I would love to hear your feedback on what has worked for you in your shop. Hope you get some ideas!

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