DIY Mounting Scissor Jack Inside Engine Bay Using Grip Fist Clamps 1
We all have that ‘thing’ that we don’t know where to store in our vehicles. Whether it be a fire extinguisher, shovel, lug wrench, rifle, etc. In my case I needed to relocate my scissor jack. Quick Fist clamps to the rescue! Rubber clamps in just about any size to […]

How to Mount Anything Anywhere Using Quick Fist Clamps

Vitara Tracker Permanent 4wd differential actuator fix
Another common problem with the Vitara and Trackers is the aluminum pinion mount on the front differential breaking off which then allows the differential to twist up and bash into the oil pan when in 4wd and reverse. My Vitara was no exception, the mount had broken and the oil […]

Vitara Tracker DIY Front Differential Pinion Mount Fix