Ten Favorite Home Metal Fabrication Tools 5
It really doesn’t take that many tools to get started welding or repairing your own projects. I wanted to prove it, so I made up a quick list of everything you need to get started welding for < $250.

Get started welding for under $250 guide

Home metal fabrication shop safety is an easy thing to overlook, but it is THE most important thing to be aware of while in the shop. Also in this post, we discuss a little known benefit of safety equipment that you might not have thought of. Here is a list […]

Home Metal Fabrication Shop Safety Gear

Deuling Design Handmade Paneling & Sheetmetal Fabrication 2
    This one is more of a ‘feature’ than a tour, but I’ve gotta give props for good work when I see it. Adam Deuling of Deuling Design has started his own small business building some beautiful hand made panels and signs from sheetmetal.

Deuling Design Sheetmetal Fabrication – Shop Tour

Wheelchair Transfer Platform
Click to read more about Part 2 of this wheelchair platform build! In part 1 we got the platform and ramps built, Now it is time to build the adjustable and fold-able legs.

DIY Wheelchair Transfer Platform – Part 2

Wheelchair Transfer Platform
Click to read more about Part 1 of this wheelchair platform build! This was a really satisfying project because I got to build something that directly makes somebody’s life easier.

DIY Wheelchair Transfer Platform – Part 1

Cheap Tool Storage 1
I am always looking for a better/cheaper way to store my tools. I think I finally figured out the best way to cost effectively store my bulky tools! Click to find out more.


DIY Magnetic Steel Desktop Projector Mount
I recently moved into an office at work. Remembering that I had an old projector in the basement at home gave me an idea. I could use my projector at work, but didn’t have anywhere to mount it and couldn’t really drill holes in the desk or wall. Read more […]

DIY Magnetic Steel Desktop Projector Mount

Receiver Hitch Snow Plow 1
Yes, I realize it is the middle of summer. But if you want to plow this winter, you gotta get ready while it is nice out! Now that we know the plow works, it is time to improve it. First up on the list is to add an easy way […]

DIY Receiver Hitch Snow Plow – Part 5

HammerSpace KC Shop Tour 1
Don’t have a shop, space, or tools of your own? No problem! Just check out HammerSpace KC! DIY Metal Fabrication got the privilege of an all access tour to get you the scoop. Click for more info and lots of pics!

HammerSpace KC – Shop Tour