Steps to building a pole barn 3
This is the beginning of my pole barn / post frame building journey. I am detailing all the steps I took to plan my shop and some tips that might help you when you go to build yours. This post will cover the research and initial planning / layout steps.

Part 1 Building a Pole barn – Planning

DIY Candle Wax Dipper
Did you know there is a way to put out candles with no smoke or wax splash? Me neither until I learned about wax dippers. I was the guy that always threw the lid on the candle and watched it smoke until it flamed out. Turns out there is a […]

DIY Homemade Candle Wax Dipper

DIY Reinforcing Members Mark 4 Burner Griddle 1
A fun little project I just completed was reinforcing a Members Mark brand 4 burner griddle to prevent future warpage. The more expensive BlackStone griddles already have this reinforcement. Money saved with same end result = Winning. TL;DR Too Long; Didn’t Read (Wifey just taught me about this so I […]

DIY Reinforcing Members Mark 36″ 4 Burner Griddle

Front Winch Bumper Build with Receiver Hitch for Suzuki Vitara Chevy Tracker 2
We have been on 3 wheeling trips with PJ (our long term Suzuki Vitara) so far and haven’t gotten stuck… yet. However it is only a matter of time before it will happen or something breaks and we need to be extracted. Check out the winch we bought and Part […]

Part 1 – Front Winch Bumper Build with Receiver Hitch ...

DIY Mower Deck Repair Welding Patches 2
It is tough when you have a mower that still runs good but is starting to rust out. This mower was still working fine, but the deck had a couple of large holes in the front due to rust. Read more to see how we got it fixed and back […]

DIY Mower Deck Repair – Fixing Rust and Patching Holes

Folding@Home - DIYMetalFabrication
Just like us metal fabricators, Scientists have tools too (except theirs are way more expensive). One of their tools is computing power which just happens to be something we personally can help them out with. Read more to see how you can help them create treatments for Coronavirus and other […]

How YOU can help with COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Trip Report - 2020 Frostbite run at KS Rocks 1
The Frostbite run at Kansas Rocks Recreational Park has been going on for what seems like forever. Not sure when it started but I have shirts from ’07, ’08, and ’09 (that I shamelessly still wear). Life has kept me busy in the meantime and this is the first time […]

Trip Report – 2020 Frostbite run at KS Rocks

How to put 15" rock crawler wheels and UTV Tires on a 2nd gen Tracker/Vitara 1
I found some awesome used UTV tires and Jeep wheels for my Vitara. Nevermind the fact that 15″ wheels aren’t supposed to fit a 2nd gen, I don’t always listen to others. Read more to see how I …umm… persuaded them to fit along with lots of pics.

How to Put 15 Inch Steel Wheels and UTV Tires ...

DIY Mounting Scissor Jack Inside Engine Bay Using Grip Fist Clamps 1
We all have that ‘thing’ that we don’t know where to store in our vehicles. Whether it be a fire extinguisher, shovel, lug wrench, rifle, etc. In my case I needed to relocate my scissor jack. Quick Fist clamps to the rescue! Rubber clamps in just about any size to […]

How to Mount Anything Anywhere Using Quick Fist Clamps