All About Metal Cutting Bandsaws
In today’s video, we cover everything horizontal band saw related! How to use it, fluid type, common repairs, blade types, and some other handy tricks and tips! Also, bonus full list of all parts used!

All About Horizontal Metal Band Saws

How I Ran Electrical Service to my Shop from the House
Check this out for an in depth video tour of how I ran 100 amp service from the breaker panel in my house to my shop. We go across the basement, up the walls, through the attic and over the mountains (erm…breezeway) to get there! Also, bonus links to the […]

How I Ran Electrical Service to my Shop from the ...

What is the Perfect Shop Layout?
Howdy! Join me for a quick discussion on shop layouts and what I found to be the best methods for keeping it flexible. We go through a couple of different ways of organizing and moving around toolboxes, workbenches, and desks.

What is the Perfect Shop Layout?

Super Cheap Tool Storage Drawer Free
Check out this quick video on how I keep my tools clean, dry, and protected in my shop for almost free! I have been doing it this way for about a decade and it works really well.

My Secret to Super Cheap Tool Storage

Steps to building a pole barn
Wahoo, finally get to install some fun stuff! In this post we start hanging surround sound speakers, TV, fans, and a french cleat system all the way around the perimeter of the shop. Check it out for more!

Progress Report 22 – 30×48′ Pole Barn build

Steps to building a pole barn
Finally sheetrock! The shop is really starting to shape up on the inside. In this post we get sheetrock and paint then start to show some promise for making a more usable shop/office space! Check it out.

Progress Report 21 – 30×48′ Pole Barn build

Steps to building a pole barn
Adding wall mounted fans, an exhaust fan, finishing up insulation and now ready for sheetrock! I went with some cool and different ideas for ventilation in the shop that might be worth checking out. Read on for more!

Progress Report 20 – 30×48′ Pole Barn build

Steps to building a pole barn
Continuing the adventure on finishing out the shop. We painted the house to match, started hanging insulation, added more drainage, an inadequate portable air conditioner and spotted one (tiny) wild animal.

Progress Report 19 – 30×48′ Pole Barn build

Ford Expedition Rear SUV Storage Toolbox Compartment Drawer Trunk
I got a 2015 Ford Expedition EL about 6 months ago. I absolutely love it but ever since I got it, I have had nowhere to put my tools that I usually carry with me. Most of the solutions I found were either really expensive or not practical for what […]

Ford Expedition Custom Rear Toolbox

Steps to building a pole barn
Despite being on the struggle bus this year, I have actually made a lot of progress! Just about finished framing, plowed some giant snow drifts, broke some things, fixed some things, and got the exterior lighting finished.

Progress Report 18 – 30×48′ Pole Barn build

Steps to building a pole barn
Death by 1,000 details. We have reached the point where I am doing a lot but it doesn’t look like much. Check out the progress for updates on framing, dirt work, and finishing up a couple of projects.

Progress Report 17 – 30×48′ Pole Barn build