Safety Tips for using Metal Fabrication Tools - LeClaire Manufacturing 16
I am definitely not perfect but I always try to take any extra safety precautions that I can think of before doing any potentially dangerous tasks, and you should too. When I sit down and think about it I realize I have a lot to lose and there is no shortcut […]

Safety Tips for Using Metal Fabrication Tools

One big part of getting yourself out in the garage is making it easier to do work. One of the things I truly hate in the garage is rolling out and winding back up air-hoses. Air hose reels make life a lot easier, but take some up front work to […]

DIY – How to Install Garage Air Hose Reel

Running 220V to Garage for Welders and Compressors 2
I haven’t been able to weld since we recently moved about 8 months ago because there are no 220V outlets in the new garage. Read more to see how we ran wires through the finished basement to the other side of the house to run my welder and air compressor!

Running 220V to Garage for Welders and Compressors