Receiver Hitch Snow Plow
Check out Part 2 of our DIY Receiver Hitch Snow plow! It is time to weld some mounts for the winch to hook to, paint it, and wire it up so we can try it.

DIY Receiver Hitch Snow Plow – Part 2

Receiver Hitch Snow Plow
For years, I have always wanted to make my own snow plow. Normally snow plows are huge heavy blades mounted on the front of heavy duty trucks. My unique problem is that I plan to mount it up to the receiver hitch of my little 3,000lb Honda Accord. Read more […]

DIY Receiver Hitch Snow Plow – Part 1

DIY A/C Unit Cage
Finally, part 3 where we create the anchoring system, paint the cage (again…) and get this project installed.

DIY A/C Unit Cage – Part 3

I recently came across a FREE Toro mower on Craigslist! Great news! but, there was a reason that it was free… Read the rest of the article for how I fixed it in my own garage with a welder in about an hour.

Welding to Fix Push Mower Handle

Adding Toolbox and Jack to tongue of Trailer
I recently bought a 4×8 mesh bottom trailer off of craigslist and quickly realized I needed to add a jack and place to store straps. Check out the rest of the article to see what I came up with.

Adding Toolbox and Jack to tongue of Trailer

DIY Air Conditioner Cage
I have a buddy that recently got into rental houses and wanted to figure out a relatively cheap way to secure the outside Air Conditioning Unit. This is not only one of the most expensive parts of the rental house, but is also the easiest to steal during times when it […]

DIY A/C Unit Cage – Part 1

My buddy recently bought a piece of property with about 6 acres and a lot of fence in need of repair. He came to me with an idea for a receiver hitch mounted barbed wire stringer, so we built and it made the job go a lot faster. Read more […]

Build your own Receiver Hitch Barbed Wire Stringer

Rusty Fire Pit Rebuild
After 5 years of excessively large fires and outdoor storage, my fire pit has officially rusted through. Check out the pictures of how I rebuilt and upgraded it in my shop.

Rusty Fire Pit Rebuild Part 1

John Deere Mower Deck Repair 1
I had two John Deere mower decks come in to me from family and friends this spring with multiple cracks. Instead of buying new decks, we were able to fix them and put them right back into service. Read more to see how we did it.

John Deere DIY Mower Deck Repair

CharBroil DIY Smoker Rack Upgrade
I had a buddy ask me about fixing up his smoker. It is the classic discussion of fixing what you have vs. buying a new one. He decided to have me fix it, so read more to check out how we upgraded his Char Broil Smoker!

CharBroil DIY Smoker Rack Upgrade

Well, after a good run since 2011 I finally got rid of Ol’ Blue so I could move on to a new project. Read more to see what I got and some of my future plans.

Selling Ol’ Blue – The End of an Era

I made a set of DIY Rolling Jackstands many years ago and still use them to this day. Check out how I made them so you can make some too.

DIY Rolling Jack Stands

As a DIY Welder and Metal Fabricator, you should at least be familiar with the different common types of welding machines and processes.  Check out this post for common welding acronyms and what they mean in plain english.

Welding acronyms defined and explained

DIY Garden Hose Holder with Storage
Check out this article on how I built a custom made DIY Heavy Duty Garden Hose Holder with Storage box. Read more to find out Ideas and tips on how to build one for yourself.

DIY Garden Hose Holder with Storage