HammerSpace KC Shop Tour 1
Don’t have a shop, space, or tools of your own? No problem! Just check out HammerSpace KC! DIY Metal Fabrication got the privilege of an all access tour to get you the scoop. Click for more info and lots of pics!

HammerSpace KC – Shop Tour

2016 Western Farm Show Kansas City
I’m always looking for new ideas of stuff to build out of metal. One great (and cheap!) source for metal working ideas, machines, and tools is the Western Farm show that occurs yearly in Kansas City.


Receiver Hitch Snow Plow
Part 4 We build a steel snow plow frame to attach to the receiver hitch lift. After painting, skinning, and assembling we actually got to plow some snow!

DIY Receiver Hitch Snow Plow – Part 4

Receiver Hitch Snow Plow
Check out Part 2 of our DIY Receiver Hitch Snow plow! It is time to weld some mounts for the winch to hook to, paint it, and wire it up so we can try it.

DIY Receiver Hitch Snow Plow – Part 2

Receiver Hitch Snow Plow
For years, I have always wanted to make my own snow plow. Normally snow plows are huge heavy blades mounted on the front of heavy duty trucks. My unique problem is that I plan to mount it up to the receiver hitch of my little 3,000lb Honda Accord. Read more […]

DIY Receiver Hitch Snow Plow – Part 1

DIY A/C Unit Cage
Finally, part 3 where we create the anchoring system, paint the cage (again…) and get this project installed.

DIY A/C Unit Cage – Part 3

I recently came across a FREE Toro mower on Craigslist! Great news! but, there was a reason that it was free… Read the rest of the article for how I fixed it in my own garage with a welder in about an hour.

Welding to Fix Push Mower Handle

Adding Toolbox and Jack to tongue of Trailer
I recently bought a 4×8 mesh bottom trailer off of craigslist and quickly realized I needed to add a jack and place to store straps. Check out the rest of the article to see what I came up with.

Adding Toolbox and Jack to tongue of Trailer