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Running 220V to Garage for Welders and Compressors
I haven’t been able to weld since we recently moved about 8 months ago because there are no 220V outlets in the new garage. Read more to see how we ran wires through the finished basement to the other side of the house to run my welder and air compressor!

Running 220V to Garage for Welders and Compressors

Deuling Design Handmade Paneling & Sheetmetal Fabrication 2
    This one is more of a ‘feature’ than a tour, but I’ve gotta give props for good work when I see it. Adam Deuling of Deuling Design has started his own small business building some beautiful hand made panels and signs from sheetmetal.

Deuling Design Sheetmetal Fabrication – Shop Tour

Fabrication Measuring Tools
I learned a new term today and am super excited about it! It is called ‘Metrology’, which according to Wikipedia is “the science of measurement”. While DIY isn’t an exact science, I thought it would be useful time to review the basic measuring tools used in metal fabrication.

Metal Fabrication Measuring Tools

Home metal fabrication shop safety is an easy thing to overlook, but it is THE most important thing to be aware of while in the shop. Also in this post, we discuss a little known benefit of safety equipment that you might not have thought of. Here is a list […]

Home Metal Fabrication Shop Safety Gear