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DIY Reinforcing Members Mark 4 Burner Griddle 2
A fun little project I just completed was reinforcing a Members Mark brand 4 burner griddle to prevent future warpage. The more expensive BlackStone griddles already have this reinforcement. Money saved with same end result = Winning. TL;DR Too Long; Didn’t Read (Wifey just taught me about this so I […]

DIY Reinforcing Members Mark 36″ 4 Burner Griddle

Front Winch Bumper Build with Receiver Hitch for Suzuki Vitara Chevy Tracker 2
We have been on 3 wheeling trips with PJ (our long term Suzuki Vitara) so far and haven’t gotten stuck… yet. However it is only a matter of time before it will happen or something breaks and we need to be extracted. Check out the winch we bought and Part […]

Part 1 – Front Winch Bumper Build with Receiver Hitch ...

Trip Report - 2020 Frostbite run at KS Rocks 1
The Frostbite run at Kansas Rocks Recreational Park has been going on for what seems like forever. Not sure when it started but I have shirts from ’07, ’08, and ’09 (that I shamelessly still wear). Life has kept me busy in the meantime and this is the first time […]

Trip Report – 2020 Frostbite run at KS Rocks

DIY Mounting Scissor Jack Inside Engine Bay Using Grip Fist Clamps 1
We all have that ‘thing’ that we don’t know where to store in our vehicles. Whether it be a fire extinguisher, shovel, lug wrench, rifle, etc. In my case I needed to relocate my scissor jack. Quick Fist clamps to the rescue! Rubber clamps in just about any size to […]

How to Mount Anything Anywhere Using Quick Fist Clamps

DIY Gas Tank Lift Relocation- Vitara Tracker without Body Lift
Every once in a while you find a tool that you think ‘wow, that job would have sucked without that tool’. This Rivet nut tool is one of them! I recently (almost) finished my fuel tank enclosure from 14 gauge sheetmetal that I assembled exclusively with rivetnuts. As of now […]

What is a RivetNut / Nutsert tool and how do ...